For more than 10,000 years people have been adorning the walls of their dwellings and sanctuaries in many different ways. From the mysterious caves of Altamira, the paintings preserved in the ancient Egyptian tombs, the amazing mythological frescoes of Knossos and Pompeii, to Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel; with the addition of the plethora of castles with decorated ceilings, the majestic domes of baroque temples, the palaces in art nouveau style with their elegant rooms and halls; and last but not least the stylised compositions that can be found in modern apartments, atria and congress halls.

Perhaps every genuine owner of a building looked after having its premises decorated according to the contemporary principles, patterns and colour and according to his or her possibilities. It can hence be said that throughout history it was only barns and flats during the normalisation era which were left plain white.

"Every man is an artist, in a way, trying to introduce beauty in every aspect of their lives by some means."

On this webpage, many real-life examples of interior and exterior designs from your surroundings are presented. These were either made as parts of reconstruction, renovation or as completely new paintings. I believe that these examples will help you to find inspiration for your intention to make the place where you live or work more beautiful and extraordinary.

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